An homage to my recalcitrant Swedish heroes

Friday, September 7

I’d been planning this project for many a season – a poetic pilgrimage, a mission impossible – to visit the graves of two heroic Scandinavian figures who left no legacy in ash …
d'Var Torah

Building a mini-Temple for Hanukkah

Hanukkah means “Dedication.” After the Maccabees won back the Holy Temple, they lit the menorah to dedicate the Beit Hamikdash (Holy Temple). They found one cruse of olive oil …

Realizing the power of light in a time of darkness

Jacob and Esau take a journey with relevance today

Of blind obedience and the lessons of Parashat Vareya

Editor's column

Eight splendid points of light

I am reminded at Hanukkah of the importance of light. Each night we add another candle to the hanukkiah, and it glows more brightly, whether you place it in your window or on a table in your …

Your Voice, better than ever

Roots forged in steel

A milestone and a goal

Name-calling should never be normal


Different paths to mourning and repentance

As is well-known among those familiar with Israel, the country has a unique way of mourning. On Holocaust Remembrance Day and Israel’s Memorial Day, sirens sound throughout the country. For …

Rabbi James Rosenberg

Honor thy father

Thursday, December 6

Jewish immigrants of New York through the eyes of our photographers

Thursday, November 22

‘Cruel, only to be kind’

Thursday, November 8

The magic carpet of literature

Thursday, October 25

‘The chosen people’ or ‘a chosen people’?

Friday, October 12

Letters to the editor

Re: Rising anti-Semitism (Nov. 9)

Thursday, December 6

Larry Kessler’s article about Jonathan Weisman quotes the dramatic rise in hate and anti-Semitism in the past 20 months. Let’s be  rational. Check figures for the past 20 …

Government officials add insult to injury

Thursday, November 8

The horrific massacre that took place at a synagogue in Pittsburgh was made worse by two of the highest officials in the US government.  President Trump initially responded by saying that …

From the archives

In remembrance of Armistice Day

This column was originally supposed to run Nov. 9 but was replaced by a time-sensitive  column on HIAS in Rhode Island. Back when I was in elementary …

The story of a once vibrant community and its synagogue

‘The Orange Lady’

A tale of two tailors