Zsa Zsa: More than just a pretty face

Friday, April 7

She was a fabulous personality!  My mother called her, affectionately, a courtesan. I was awestruck by her performance as Jane Avril in “Moulin Rouge” – John …
d'Var Torah

Out of the mouths of babes: What really matters

We have all been told that we have untold possibilities locked inside us. What we must learn is that, to turn potential into reality, we must not let negative thinking get in our way, nor get …

Impatience is NOT a virtue

Do Jews believe in angels?

The stranger is me

Editor's column

Reflections on the sandwich generation

I am a member of the sandwich generation. Most define that to mean someone who is taking care of younger children along with older parents. Mine is not a traditional sandwich …

The perils and positives of technology

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Summer dreams

Step back and focus on the bigger picture


Jewish values for social media in the post-U.S. election world

Just over two years ago, I was invited to write a number of online articles that addressed Jewish values as they apply to our social media lives. With the impact of social media on the recent U.S. …


70 percent of Israelis still want right-wing government

Friday, April 7

TEL AVIV (JTA) – With talk of snap elections in the air, a new survey found that 70 percent of Israelis would want a right-wing or center-right government to come to power. The latest …

Letters to the editor

‘Never Again’ vigil

While expressions of support from our non-Jewish neighbors, such as the Never Again rally that took place on March 5, are appreciated, they expose a fundamental misunderstanding or unwillingness to …

From the archives

Legacy for a firehouse

The Rochambeau Avenue Fire Station is now history. It housed its last shift on Saturday, Jan. 7, 2017. Passersby on Sunday morning saw the once lively station closed and dark. Although I have not …

By any definition, we’re interested in your history

The local Jewish community has long united when crises loomed

The Buttonwood Agreement of 1792