An homage to my recalcitrant Swedish heroes

Friday, September 7

I’d been planning this project for many a season – a poetic pilgrimage, a mission impossible – to visit the graves of two heroic Scandinavian figures who left no legacy in ash …
d'Var Torah

It’s divine to be human and human to be divine

“I’m really sorry; I regret having done that. I promise I won’t do it again. I know, however, that I’m apt to forget that promise. I might need a reminder, so I’ll …

Gloom and doom at the season of our rejoicing

Torah and t’shuvah as we get ready for Days of Awe

Waking up to gratefulness

Editor's column

Name-calling should never be normal

We’re now on the other side of the High Holy Days, and we are starting to settle back into our normal routines again. However you celebrate, you’ve had at least a day or two, or many …

How will you use your talents this year?

New hope for civility in a time of loss

Change is in the air

Ode to the sticky note


Different paths to mourning and repentance

As is well-known among those familiar with Israel, the country has a unique way of mourning. On Holocaust Remembrance Day and Israel’s Memorial Day, sirens sound throughout the country. For …

Rabbi James Rosenberg

‘The chosen people’ or ‘a chosen people’?

Friday, October 12

Con smania, with passion

Thursday, September 20

In praise of pluralism

Friday, September 7

Upsetting the Balance: Israel’s Nation State Law

Thursday, August 23

‘A Horse Walks into a Bar’

Thursday, August 9

Letters to the editor

Re: Upsetting the Balance (Aug. 24)

Thursday, September 20

I recently read Rabbi Rosenberg’s article in the Jewish Voice, Upsetting the Balance. This is very disturbing to read that not only does he not support Israel’s National State law; …

‘Hate Spaces’

Thursday, August 9

Rhode Island Coalition for Israel (RICI) was formed by grassroots Jews and Christians in support of the State of Israel, the Jewish people and Judeo-Christian values. Because our …

From the archives

The story of a once vibrant community and its synagogue

Anyone of a certain age who grew up in the north end of Providence knows that there was once a thriving synagogue there called Sons of Zion. The building proudly stood on Orms Street, near …

‘The Orange Lady’

A tale of two tailors

This and that throughout R.I.’s history