Couples share secrets of long and happy marriages

4 days ago

WARWICK – A ceremonial Huppah stands strong and proud on the grounds of The Phyllis Siperstein Tamarisk Assisted Living Residence in Warwick. The Huppah, or wedding canopy, is symbolic of a couple’s first home together. At Tamarisk, there are six couples, who have been married for 30 to 70 years. Recently, we asked them to share their secrets to a long and happy union

Building bridges into a new year

For most of us Hanukkah has come and gone for another year. But in our home tucked away on Block Island, it lingers. I find myself unable to take down my Hanukkah window; it’s the one with the …

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Robbie Gringras brings ‘Four Hatikvah Questions’ to Providence

4 days ago

On Feb. 8, a unique performer, Robbie Gringras, will introduce the Rhode Island Jewish community to the “Four Hatikvah Questions,” a method for understanding controversies.

10 Israel news storylines that defined 2016

Thursday, January 5

President Barack Obama sprang his much-anticipated “December surprise” on Israel at the United Nations, capping off 2016 with a bang as it relates to the Gregorian calendar year’s …

‘The Heart of Loneliness’

In “The Heart of Loneliness” (Jewish Lights, an imprint of Turner Publishing Company, 2016), Rabbi Marc Katz addresses a fundamental human experience: Loneliness. Although all of us are …

2016-17 Guide to Jewish Living in Southern New England

Speak out against bigotry and hatred – and urge our leaders to do the same

Like much of the American Jewish community, the students of J Street U Brown are concerned that the incoming administration threatens the religious freedom and cultural tolerance that have long made the United States a place where Jews can thrive like nowhere else in the history of the diaspora.


Re: Speak out against bigotry (Dec. 23)

The anti-Israel, anti-Trump opinion article by the Brown student was deeply offensive to me.  I admit I am an old fogey, but I can remember when young men his age were being discharged after …

CRC statement disagreement


Snacking on popcorn? Try something new

Looking for a fun snack on a cold winter’s day? Need something to munch on during your next movie night?    Popcorn is a good option. Filled with fiber, but with little fat …

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Ramp up breakfast with morning protein