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Am David building sold, contents scheduled for public sale

Friday, August 19

Temple Am David, which has been in receivership since November 2015, has sold its temple building to the Rhode Island Hindu Temple Society Inc. The group paid $400,001 and the closing is expected to take place in September. The building will become the first Hindu temple in Rhode Island and will serve more than 300 families across the state.
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Sunday, August 7

Editor's column

How about that weather – are you melting?

Those lazy days of summer really are hazy this year.  Seems like we’ve been suffering with the infamous Triple H – hazy, hot and humid – for days now. And while I’m not …

Letters home

Aliyah – 9 years later: Diversity, inclusion and the Jewish people

Thursday, August 4

July marked the nine-year anniversary of the day I stepped off a plane in Israel and became a citizen of that country. What makes this “aliyaversary” (aliyah anniversary) unique is that it’s the first one that I haven’t spent …


Edward O. Adler, 90

Friday, August 19

Burton Charren, 90

Friday, August 19

Goldie Cohen, 93

Friday, August 19

Kevin Joseph Lourie, 55

Friday, August 19

Stephen Alan Schneider, 67

Friday, August 19

Eilene S. Smith, 82

Friday, August 19

Nathaniel Sock, 91

Friday, August 19

Ruth E. Triedman, 83

Friday, August 19

Mark S. Weiner, 62

Friday, August 19

Paul H. Weissman, 56

Friday, August 19

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Super Sunday kicks off Annual Campaign

Friday, August 19

September is a busy time. School is starting, people are returning from vacation, football is beginning, and the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island is kicking off its 2017 Annual Campaign.   Super Sunday, on Sept. 18, is the …
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Welcoming a new rabbi at Congregation Agudas Achim

Friday, August 19

“Leora” is the Hebrew word for “light.” And, it seems that light is just what Rav Leora Abelson hopes to bring to her new job at Congregation Agudas Achim in Attleboro, Massachusetts.   While she finishes …
Remember the Past

A new land, a new name

Birth certificates are legal documents. We need them to secure other legal documents, such as Social Security cards and work permits, driver’s licenses, passports, marriage licenses. They are prosaic, matter of fact, but are of invaluable help …

To see with ‘Beginner’s Eyes’

Jon Berenson, Ph.D., has recently published “Completing the Circle: 38 Stories of Mindful Connection” (Bloomington, IN: AuthorHouse, 2016), a most worthy sequel to the author’s 2013 …

Making steps toward the democratic principle of one person, one vote

Last month I had the opportunity to travel to Philadelphia and experience my first Democratic National Convention – and what an experience it was.   As a member of the DNC Rules Committee, my work actually began a few weeks prior to …


Re: R.I. author blends history, fiction (June 24)

I appreciated Michael Fink’s review of “Eavesdropping in Oberammergau.” However, I would like to correct a few points. The review quotes me as saying: “After his …

Thanks to our allies in the Christian community


Barbecue Brisket could be the star of your next picnic

(The Nosher via JTA) – If a sweet pulled brisket married a can of baked beans, this dish would be their delicious baby.   I love baked beans, right out of the can, all summer …

Black and white cookies make a cool pop