Advocating for refugee families

3 days ago

Members of the Rhode Island interfaith community gathered June 22 near the Rhode Island Holocaust Memorial in Providence to call on the government to keep families together and remind others of our …
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Our personal seasons

The Boston Jewish Food conference last Sunday provided an opportunity to learn about food insecurity, food injustice and general issues surrounding food and community. A full day of workshops …

A plea for civility

A little of this, a little of that

A taste of what’s to come

An important spring tradition

The fowl adventure and other seder stories

A question of coverage and timing

Olympics fever is but a memory


Marion Davis, 94

3 days ago

Barnet Fain, 86

3 days ago

Albert Feinstein, 97

3 days ago

Lotta Jagolinzer, 87

3 days ago

Dolly Misch, 92

3 days ago

Barbara Lee Spraragen, 86

3 days ago

Stephen M. Woolf

3 days ago

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Alliance annual meeting recognizes community leadership

3 days ago

On June 13, the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island gathered for its annual meeting, recognizing the past and looking to the future. For the seventh time, the group met as a combined …
From the Alliance President

Reflecting on the past, looking toward the future

These remarks were presented June 13 at the seventh annual meeting of the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island. They are slightly edited for publication.   Last year I sat in the …

JCDSRI honors Eileen Ellis at annual meeting

3 days ago

Although the main purpose of the Jewish Community Day School of RI (JCDSRI) annual meeting on June 6 was to appoint the board of trustees and provide updates, the community-wide acknowledgement …

‘Road to Valor’ is a thrilling read about a righteous man

Though its authors insist that “Road to Valor” is “a work of nonfiction,” the book reads like a novel.  Its pages are filled with vivid descriptions and the pacing …

2017-18 Guide to Jewish Living in Southern New England
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End of the year fun!

Children in the David C. Isenberg Family Early Childhood Center wrapped up the school year with tons of fun activities including ice cream on the playground, an art show displayed by classroom and an …

Ask the director

Dr. Mel B. Yoken receives the French Legion of Honor award

The following readers sent their reflections of the JCC

Tales of long ago – with a Yiddish twist

The found Magen David – and its long heritage

Children get lemon aid


“Religious Tolerance and Respect: Rebalancing the Jewish World”

Thursday, June 7

With your permission, allow me to recall a day in early June of 1990 when I was similarly honored by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  Yes, that was before most of you graduates were …


Why do Palestinians deserve statehood?

3 days ago

Once again violent Palestinians with Hamas are seen rioting against Israeli ‘’occupiers” of their land. This …


Brighten and awaken summer flavors

FAMILY FEATURES – Summer provides an abundance of delicious, fresh-picked flavors, giving home chefs plenty of opportunities to use them in both classic recipes and newfound favorites. From …