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Fighting about egalitarianism in Israel PDF Print E-mail
By Stuart I. Forman   
Friday, 21 June 2013 17:56

For anyone who loves the Jewish people, the fighting in Israel over egalitarianism is cause for great sadness. In my column, “Why the Israeli chief rabbinate is wrong,” in the Aug. 17, 2012 issue of The Jewish Voice & Herald, I tried to show how Judaism is not monolithic in theology or in practice and why there is room for pluralism within the Jewish people and the Jewish state.

Every soul is precious PDF Print E-mail
By Rabbi Raphie Schochet   
Friday, 21 June 2013 17:52

After writing this piece in response to Sam Lehman-Wilzig’s oped, “Policy changes will impact ultra-Orthodox,” in the June 7 issue, I showed it to some friends who suggested that the tone was a little angry and perhaps I would be better served to tone it down.

Pluralism in Hillel must extend to Israel PDF Print E-mail
By Lex Rofes and Simone Zimmerman   
Thursday, 06 June 2013 14:17

(JTA) – Throughout our four years in college, Hillel has been our home on campus. We have been involved extensively, with one of us serving as president on campus and on the Hillel international board.

While we both found in Hillel a supportive community, when it came to our relationship to Israel, Hillel was not always so welcoming. One of us often avoided expressing political views in Hillel board meetings for fear of losing credibility. The other openly expressed her political views, which was met at times with harsh criticism.

A man’s world ‘ain’t nothin’ without a woman or a girl PDF Print E-mail
By Elizabeth Levi   
Friday, 24 May 2013 16:27

CHARLESTON, S.C. (JTA) – I cried when I found out our new rabbi was going to be a woman. I was in ninth grade and did not like the thought of change. She would change all of our congregation’s traditions. She would not have the same endearing voice as our previous male rabbi. She must be weird: What kind of woman would want to be a rabbi anyway?

Jewish mother rethinks her approach to the bedroom PDF Print E-mail
By Amy Bromberg   
Friday, 24 May 2013 16:26

NEW YORK (JTA) – I slept soundly through the thump, then creak of footsteps, as my 18-month-old son climbed out of his crib and ran to our room. He clawed his way up the queen-sized mattress to nurse. I turned toward my baby’s soft, warm body and fell back asleep as he sipped, shifting between our three older children, who’d also woken up from bad dreams and found solace in our bed.

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