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Israeli dancer’s creation is a family-friendly show PDF Print E-mail
By Voice & Herald Staff   
Friday, 13 May 2011 00:00
Performers in The Aluminum Show  /Source: Kfir Bolotin Performers in The Aluminum Show /Source: Kfir Bolotin

PROVIDENCE – Audiences at The Aluminum Show at PPAC – called “a stimulating tour-de-force” that combines movement, dance, visual theater and plenty of humor – might be grateful that its creator, Ilan Azriel, has a thick skin. A sabra from Dimona, Israel Azriel emailed from Israel (with his wife, Ella Munk Azriel translating his comments into English), “I started to dance when I was a kid in Dimona; it wasn’t easy because I was the only boy in a group of girls. All the other boys were laughing at me, but I didn’t give up.”

Rozzie Kind to perform at Temple Sinai PDF Print E-mail
By Nancy Kirsch
Friday, 10 December 2010 18:15

Roslyn (Rozzie) Kind /Source: Stander GroupRoslyn (Rozzie) Kind /Source: Stander GroupSinger Roslyn (Rozzie) Kind lives up to the meaning of her surname. In an hour-long phone call, she not only promoted her show, a Temple Sinai fundraiser (on Saturday, May 14 at the Park Theater in Cranston), she graciously shared her views on tikkun olam, her desperate desire to see peace in Israel and why she is coming to Rhode Island to help raise money for a synagogue she’s never visited. She’s coming because Dennis Byrnes, a longtime fan and Facebook friend of Kind’s, asked her!

Asked how she got into singing, Kind, nicknamed “Rozzie” by her older sister, Barbra Streisand, quipped, “I sang coming out of the womb. The first song I remember singing was the theme song to ‘Davy Crockett,’” a TV show that aired, well, years and years ago! Kind then expertly sang the lyrics, which brought back memories for this Baby Boomer. Although Kind firmly, but kindly, declined to give her age, she remembers that show, along with others from the early 1960s, and their accompanying theme songs.

As a young girl, the self-described “shy, chubby and self-conscious” Kind spent a lot of time singing in front of mirrors and creating plays at home. She never thought she’d go into show business, she said, despite recording demo records for Streisand’s recording studio, as a high school sophomore. “I went from high school to studio B at RCA,” she explained. “I signed a deal before graduation, [and] started my education in life and the arts.”

Tashlikh at Bliss Pond PDF Print E-mail
By Alice King   
Friday, 03 September 2010 00:00

Serious, silent, spiritual.
Aware only of each footfall,
This journey of introspection
This journey of admissions and
This journey toward redemption.
I pray on the way, that
the water is high enough
to spill over, to be moving.

Peter Max: Pop artist comes to Providence PDF Print E-mail
By Nancy Kirsch
Friday, 20 August 2010 00:00

Peter Max in his studio, in an undated photo.Peter Max in his studio, in an undated photo.NEW YORK – Simply put, retirement just isn’t in artist Peter Max’s lexicon. In a recent phone interview to promote his upcoming visit to Gallery 17 Peck, in Providence, the 72-year-old world-renowned artist said, “I am in my playground. My life is so fantastic, if I were to ‘kick back,’ I would keep doing what I am doing. If I stopped [creating art], I wouldn’t know what else to do.”

Novel and memoir each explore issues of commitment, loyalty and trust PDF Print E-mail
By Nancy Kirsch
Thursday, 05 August 2010 00:00

"I HAVE A BACKACHE,” Jeremy Waxler, a young attorney, told his parents in a phone call, about three years ago.  An innocuous call about an innocuous complaint?
Not at all; within a few short days, Waxler, then 33, was wholly unable to move his legs. He’s admitted to the hospital where he and his parents, Robert and Linda Waxler, were told, “We must operate immediately – there is no time for a second opinion.”
Although there’s no mystery to surgery’s outcome, as Jeremy survived and today, at age 36, works as a litigator in a Massachusetts law firm. However, the mystery of what caused the bacterial infection that got into his spinal column and eventually “crushed the spinal cord” remains unsolved.
In a recent program at Brown University Bookstore, he described the experience of surviving Jeremy’s illness and writing the book, Courage to Walk.



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