The teens of  Ukuleles For Peace.The teens of Ukuleles For Peace.On July 12, Ukuleles For Peace, an orchestra of Arab and Jewish teens from Israel, will perform at Temple Torat Yisrael in East Greenwich.

The group is the brainchild of Paul Moore, a British ex-pat who came to Israel in the ’70s. A seasoned performer and strong believer in coexistence, Moore was moved by the events of Sept. 11, 2001 to do something to change the atmosphere of mistrust between Israelis and Palestinian Arabs.

We’ve all heard the adage, “You are what you eat.” Are we? Medical researchers think so. Does this mean that Marilyn Monroe was bitter during her self-imposed diet periods, when she ate nothing but grapefruit and coffee? Perhaps, but it’s more likely that the saying refers to our physical well-being. If we eat healthy foods, we will not only be in better shape, but also lead longer lives. And who doesn’t want to be strong, agile and fit, not to mention live to see his great-grandchildren?


ECC staff gather after painting the tires.ECC staff gather after painting the tires.The David C. Isenberg Early Childhood Center teachers designed and painted tires June 16 during a staff training. The project was inspired by the JCCA Discover CATCH curriculum: healthy eating, gardening and physical activity, according to Nicole Katzman, director.

The teachers worked as teams to create their designs. There are nine tire planters in all that will have flowers in them when completed. There was even tire created in the style of Jackson Pollock.

Lisa Mongeau and Dori Venditti in the “farmhand training room.” /Photo | Irina MissiuroLisa Mongeau and Dori Venditti in the “farmhand training room.” /Photo | Irina MissiuroJ-Fitness has experienced an epiphany. Turns out, in order to foster a sense of community, you need to focus on the individual. That’s exactly what’s in store for the members who arrive to work out. So, if you haven’t been honoring your New Year’s resolution, now’s the time to begin. Feeling sluggish? Still, plan a visit to J-Fitness, if only to check out the changes and meet the newest members of the team, Dori Venditti, J-Fitness general manager, and Lisa Mongeau, consultant and founder of Body Soul Inspired Personal Training, J-Fitness’s new partner that will offer its services to Dwares JCC members.


Most people will spend about one-third of their lives sleeping – that is if they are fortunate enough to be able to sleep. Each year 60-100 million of us wake each day but do not feel rested. A few years ago I became one of the countless victims to suffer from the oh-so-common disorder known as insomnia.

In response to this agonizing quest for somnolence, I, like so many others, began to search for the magic pharmaceutical that would restore balance to my wake/sleep cycle. It is likely that physicians will have no shortage of drug recommendations for us, as the market is flooded with various medications that claim to give us a good night’s sleep. Before electing to go that route, it is important that we understand some basics in an effort to end the torturous, long hours in bed trying to drift off to sleep.