Two years ago, I was sitting among my classmates, anxious for the future that piece of paper would give me. After spending many nights in the library, balancing my part-time on-campus job and school, I was finally given my diploma – the ticket to adulthood.

No matter how much planning I did, or how many books and blogs I read, nothing could have prepared me for what was to come. No piece of advice prepares you, only your personal experience.


Adi Heyman (née Amber Fuller) is a stylish lady. She also happens to be a religious Jew. A transplant from San Antonio to New York, she studied English at Touro College after her graduation from a modern Orthodox school in Miami.

When Heyman started posting photos of striking clothes, which cover knees, elbows and collarbones, on an anonymous Facebook page, she was astonished by the positive response.

Robin EngleRobin EngleThe Miriam Hospital Women’s Association will proudly present its 31st annual Recognition Award to Robin Engle at the Association’s 118th Annual Meeting and Luncheon. The event will take place at Ledgemont Country Club on June 3.


StatePoint – Transitioning to college life can be difficult for both students and families. From new expenses to a new lifestyle, being prepared for what lies ahead can help you avoid common bumps in the road.