She never thought she’d end up doing what she does. But when she talks about Merchants Overseas and her most recent project, Domaine Designs, Mindy Wachtenheim really shows her passion for the family business.

It’s aligns with her other passions – volunteering. And her family.

She’s been active in the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island for years and has held many volunteer jobs in the Federation and the Women’s Division. She and husband Stanley have three daughters, all grown now.

Brenda Bedrick knows what moves her. Working as a speech pathologist, she felt she was in the wrong field. The job didn’t allow her to be herself, to engage fully with her role. Since she always loved fashion, starting out selling bathing suits at Shepard’s Department Store, she began working for Mel Baker’s clothing store, where she shopped. Eventually, she became a business partner, and Mel & Me was born. 

Sally Lapides says she has built her life and Residential Properties, the company she co-founded, to resonate with the key Jewish values she learned as a child. She adds that she strives to incorporate honesty, hard work, justice, acceptance, giving back to the community and equality in everything she does. She acknowledges her mentors – mother Myrna Rosen and grandmother Ethel Yale – and adheres to their advice and wisdom. They taught her to work hard for her beliefs, treat everyone with dignity and look for the good in everything. Putting theory into practice, Lapides remarked she chooses to see each day as an opportunity for accomplishment. 

Marcia Gold was working as a dental hygienist when she realized she wasn’t happy with the position. When her children started school 23 years ago, she began her career at Gold International Machinery Corp. Founded by Victor Gold, her father-in-law, and David Gold, her husband, the 54-year-old business specializes in selling machinery for jewelry and precious metals, industrial machine tools and lasers. Gold wanted a job that would not only challenge her and allow her “to expand [her] horizons,” but also let her meet people from all over the world. She was looking for an opportunity to learn from other cultures and share hers with them. Gold found the chance to do just that by running the import/export department. 

I’m about to get married. Should I adjust the asset allocation in my 401(k) to take my husband’s investments into account?

That depends on several factors. Perhaps the first step is to make sure your existing asset allocation is appropriate for your circumstances; if you haven’t reviewed it in several years, you should probably take a fresh look at it, whether or not you intend to consider his assets in your investing strategy