Built in 1982, the local mikveh on the East Side of Providence was in serious need of renovation and plans for a major overhaul were proposed. 

The mikveh is a ritual pool that has been an integral part of Jewish life since ancient times.

The mikveh is critical both for performing the mitzvah of taharat hamishpacha (Family Purity) and for the process of conversion to Judaism.

The To Life Center Adult Day Services, a program of Jewish Seniors Agency of Rhode Island (JSARI), had its annual family BBQ on Aug. 6. This is a time when family and friends of the clients come and enjoy a family oriented day together. JSARI board member Andrew Liss was our celebrity chef along with volunteer Alan Bernstein. Liss also did a cooking demonstration with the clients of the To Life Center Adult Day Services. 

Photo | Chabad of Rhode Island

Avraham Goldstein with members of the Israeli community pray for peace in Israel and around the world. Goldstein is in Providence as part of the Chabad Summer Peace Corp.

Because raw materials were needed for the war, many companies were unable to obtain these materials for consumer goods and were forced to close during World War II. Not so the Maidenform Company, whose creative owners, Ida and William Rosenthal, met the challenge by designing lingerie and other products for the war effort. One of the “other products” was a pigeon vest, dubbed the “brassiere for birds.” 

JTA – A marker commemorating the Belfast birthplace of the late Israeli president Chaim Herzog was removed following several anti-Semitic attacks.

The blue plaque honoring Herzog, Israel’s president from 1983 to 1993, was taken down in the Irish capital out of concern for the safety of those living nearby, the Belfast Telegraph reported.