StatePoint – It’s time to prep your home’s outdoor spaces for the season ahead. From the yard to the garage to the deck, getting these areas tidy is all part of a thorough spring clean.

The following tips will make the process faster and easier.

StatePoint – Being a good neighbor means more than being friendly to the humans across the street; it also means being friendly to the animals in your yard. Making your yard a safe place for local wildlife should be a top lawn care priority.

With that in mind, here are some tips for creating a healthy habitat for local critters.

LOS ANGELES (JTA) – “You survive, you honor us by living,” said Martin Greenfield, now a New York master tailor, recalling his father’s words after he was liberated from the Buchenwald concentration camp.

The quote could easily be taken as the theme of “The Jewish Journey: America,” a PBS documentary tracking the migrations over 350 years of Jews fleeing Latin America, czarist Russia, Nazi Germany and the Muslim world for these shores.

The one-hour program, opening with a majestic rendition of “America the Beautiful,” will air on PBS stations nationwide in March and April. The show is produced, directed and written by Andrew Goldberg, who has become the semi-official Jewish chronicler for PBS with such productions as “The Yiddish World Remembered” (2002), “Anti-Semitism in the 21st Century” (2007) and “Jerusalem: Center of the World” (2009).

For the last several years, the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island’s Annual Campaign and the Women’s Alliance Endowment Fund have supported the Haifa Rape Crisis Center (HRCC)’s Valley Communities Outreach and Support Project. HRCC is a nonprofit agency dedicated to ending sexual violence through community outreach and programming to the region in northern Israel from Hadera to the Upper Galilee, an area that includes more than one million people. – Former “Tonight Show” host and comedian Jay Leno has said he will return to Israel in June to host the “Genesis Prize” award ceremony, after hosting the prize’s inaugural event last year. 

The $1 million prize, which has been dubbed “the Jewish Nobel Prize,” is being awarded this year to actor Michael Douglas for his “passion” for Israel and his Jewish heritage.

“People [in Israel] seem to be genuinely happy to see you,” Leno told the Associated Press. “There, you kind of get swarmed. People run over, and the grandmas pinch your cheeks. So that was kind of fun.”