/Irina missiuro/Irina missiuroHi, my name is Tom Sawyer, and I’m having an identity crisis. My mom was feral, according to those who knew her, but I don’t like to judge. After she abandoned me, I left the farm with a woman whose hair matched my fur. Maybe we were related? It’s not important though; the love I felt for her was unconditional. The woman was good to me, teaching me how to behave like a proper gentleman and feeding me wet food twice a day. Her husband was the best thing about her, though. He had the most comfortable stomach and always let me lie on it while he stared at the TV. Now that I’m with this other family, I miss that stomach! But I’m getting ahead of myself.


Simon and Sugi /Simon lichterSimon and Sugi /Simon lichterMy roommate loves her first winter here in Rhode Island. Her name is Sugi, and she has Siberian blood running through her veins, making her nearly immune to the bitter cold of New England. She recently discovered the beautiful Lincoln Woods State Park, where she meets other people with their four-legged pals. Sometimes I can barely keep up with her as she explores the trails, always seeming to be in search of something grand.

Jane Linden and friend. /(ADD) VENTURESJane Linden and friend. /(ADD) VENTURESIf you ask Dr. Jane Linden, the owner of Providence River Animal Hospital, how her family of four manages to take care of their four dogs and two cats, she’ll shrug, “We just do. We have a routine down.” When you love animals as much as Linden does, you make it work – they are worth the trouble.

For Linden, four-legged friends have always been more than pets. When she was still in elementary school, her family welcomed a Labrador named Tara, a dog that not only helped Linden cope with her father’s death, but also inspired her to eventually become a veterinarian.

You love New England for all the beauty the region offers. However, living here entails withstanding its less-than-pleasant winters. And if you, the owner of multiple parkas, hats and scarves, are complaining, can you imagine what your pets would say, were they able to talk? Make their lives easier by anticipating their challenges during frigid weather.

Hadassah Rhode Island is sponsoring a Shabbat service on Feb. 27 at 7:30 p.m. at Temple Torat Yisrael, 1251 Middle Road, East Greenwich.  Rabbi Aaron Philmus has coordinated with the members of Hadassah Rhode Island to offer a meaningful service for Shabbat Zachor, to honor and celebrate the 103rd anniversary of the founding of Hadassah by Henrietta Szold. Shabbat Zachor was chosen because of its particular importance to Hadassah, provider of medical care in Israel to patients regardless of race, religion or nationality, and in international disaster relief.