In July, the Alliance JCC Early Childhood Center (ECC) received a Quality Improvement Grant from the Center for Early Learning Professionals at the Education Development Center (EDC). The Center for Early Learning Professionals is a Rhode Island organization that supports programs for children up to age 5. The organization provides various services, including Quality Improvement Grants. 

STATEPOINT – Back to school shopping can seem tedious and boring for some students. But you can help your young ones get motivated for a new school year by getting them more involved in the experience.

After an extended vacation, going back to school and getting back into the daily grind can seem stifling, but personalizing and accessorizing school supplies, lockers and work spaces can be a simple antidote.

StatePoint – During back-to-school season, many families find time is at a premium. With routines changing from summer’s slower pace to tighter schedules jam-packed with work, school and extracurricular commitments, it can be hard to keep kids fueled for the day and eating healthfully. 

STATEPOINT – Back-to-school time means another year of tests, team tryouts and club meetings – but it also means an opportunity for students to have a fresh start. Whether your kid is an ace academic or has found it challenging to stay on top of a to-do list, there are many ways to get prepared for a successful school year.

Ida Cohen Rosenthal immigrated to New Jersey in 1904. With little money in her pocket, she bought a Singer sewing machine on the installment plan and became an independent seamstress.