/R.I. Jewish Historical Association/R.I. Jewish Historical AssociationThis Hanukkah, let’s celebrate in a meaningful way. True, kids expect presents, and marketers take full advantage of that fact by forcing parents to buy into the consumerism surrounding the holiday. However, a memorable observation of Hanukkah doesn’t have to be synonymous with spending. Why not engage your children by making them feel good about themselves while simultaneously helping others? This doesn’t mean that you should abstain from gifts altogether – merely that these gifts shouldn’t become the focus.


/FRAN OSTENDORF/FRAN OSTENDORFSeveral groups are now using the bright, new classrooms in the David C. Isenberg Early Childhood Center. The transitional nursery has moved into their new rooms with new cubbies for the children’s personal belongings and equipment perfect for the 2 1/2- to young 3-year-old age group.

Construction is progressing on other classrooms.

The Jewish Home for the Aged in Providence. /R.I. Jewish Historical AssociationThe Jewish Home for the Aged in Providence. /R.I. Jewish Historical AssociationIn 1912, several members of the Women’s Association (originally), a volunteer organization that provided aid to needy Jewish families, became aware of the predicament of elderly Jews in the community, and established The Jewish Home for the Aged in Providence.  The home, supported by the fundraising and volunteer efforts of the Women’s Association, cared for the Jewish elderly and infirm of Rhode Island for 80 years.


Outgoing Co-President Marcia Gerstein passes the gavel to incoming President Bernice Weiner. /JSAOutgoing Co-President Marcia Gerstein passes the gavel to incoming President Bernice Weiner. /JSAWARWICK – After more than a decade at the helm of the Women’s Association of the Jewish Seniors Agency, Co-Presidents Sylvia Brown and Marcia Gerstein ushered the Women’s Association into a new era at the Association’s annual meeting on Nov. 16.  It was held at the Phyllis Siperstein Tamarisk Assisted Living Residence and was attended by more than 40 members and guests.


Sam Rubinstein, head of JewQ (a confidential space for Jewish LGBTQ+ students at Brown and RISD to explore their identities) and Joy Ladin, following her talk at Brown RISD Hillel on Nov. 20. /Brown RISD hillelKINGSTON - Professor Joy Ladin presented a keynote address at URI’s observance of the Transgender Day of Remembrance. Professor Ladin is the David and Ruth Guttesman Chair in English at Yeshiva University and the first openly transgender faculty member at an Orthodox institution in the United States. Sponsored by URI Hillel, the URI LGBTQ Center and the URI Gay-Straight Alliance, Ladin’s talk described her struggle to live an authentic life and to balance faith with a transgender identity. The event united students, faculty and community members and was followed by a vigil memorializing individuals killed as a result of anti-transgender violence.