The Afula-Gilboa region of Israel is partnered with the Jewish Alliance through the Partnership Together Program of the Jewish Agency for Israel. This partnership continues to build “living bridges” between our communities through funding opportunities and peer-to-peer programs.

Our contacts in the Afula-Gilboa region have kept us up to date on their efforts.

There are countless efforts taking place around the world to support Israel and the IDF. I’ve personally been having a difficult time during this situation and feeling rather helpless. With many thanks to Gilor Meshulam, our incoming Israeli shaliach (emissary) my feelings have altered, and I now know my support and actions can make a difference.

As the obesity epidemic continues to plague our society, The Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island is taking a stance in teaching our children about health and wellness. This year, both the Alliance JCC Early Childhood Center (ECC) and our J-Space After-School programming will integrate the nationally acclaimed CATCH curriculum into the school and extended day. 

Those who try to get in touch with their Ashkenazi Jewish heritage by studying Yiddish at the college level face challenges that can be outweighed by the nachas (pride or pleasure) of rediscovering the nearly lost language.

“The most exciting thing about learning Yiddish is that it opens the door to the fascinating world of Yiddish culture that has flourished for over a thousand years and awaits explorers, researchers, translators and educators,” Agi Legutko, director of the Yiddish language program in the department of Germanic languages at Columbia University in New York, tells

When I am out in the community at events or just around town, I get asked tons of questions. I am always making connections and helping people find meaningful programs to attend, connecting them to services they may need and telling them where to find great food. 

So, after a hiatus, Ask Wendy is back! One question I am often asked is – what’s new at ‘The J’? Where do I begin – the Dwares JCC has so many wonderful programs going on that I thought I would give you a sneak peek at what will be going on for kids of all ages this fall!!