YONKERS, N.Y. (JTA) – If you’re going to Brent Delman’s home in this New York City suburb on the first day of Rosh Hashanah, don’t expect to see the typical meat menu.

Delman and his physician wife, Patricia, plan to host a dairy lunch on the first day that features casseroles and quiches. The meal also will feature a cheese tasting with tropical fruits like guava, dates and figs.

What do you expect from someone who dubs himself “The Cheese Guy”?

Delman has plans, too, for the holiday’s most symbolic food. “When you drizzle honey over the cheese,” he said, “it’s just a beautiful combination.”

Delman, 51, will be using cheeses he ages in his cheese cellar three steps below ground level in his home in Yonkers, N.Y.

Wendy JoeringWendy JoeringDear Wendy,

We are empty nesters who do not belong to a synagogue. What are our options for getting tickets for the holidays?

Leslie, Warwick

Hi Leslie,

Just about all of the synagogues in the greater Rhode Island area participate in the High Holy Day Initiative. For the past few years, this initiative has been very successful in letting people try out different synagogues. People may only participate in the initiative for one year. If you participate, you may choose one synagogue to attend or a few different synagogues.

/Steven ShapiroThe Kosher Senior Café came alive with 12 fantastic, very enthusiastic Israeli singers as the Tzofim Friendship Caravan from Israel entertained at the Temple Am David meal site Aug. 11. The whole hour that they performed, they had so much energy and sparkling costume changes. Everyone was dancing in their seats and keeping the rhythm of the music. It was toe-tapping music.

The vegetable soup was so full of pasta and the stuffed cabbage melted in your mouth; it was wonderful.

There was a great turnout for the event – a wonderful Monday was celebrated with these scouts.

CINDY LAZAR is volunteer at the Kosher Senior Café at Temple Am David and a Kosher Meals on Wheels driver. She is a long-time member of Temple Am David.

Touro officers are, left to right, Rita Slom, secretary; outgoing Chair Andrew Teitz; newly elected Chair Diane Hurley and Michael Pimental, treasurer.Touro officers are, left to right, Rita Slom, secretary; outgoing Chair Andrew Teitz; newly elected Chair Diane Hurley and Michael Pimental, treasurer.Newport, R.I. – The Touro Synagogue Foundation, a nonprofit, nonsectarian organization dedicated to maintaining and preserving Touro Synagogue, the colonial Jewish cemetery, Patriots Park and promoting and teaching religious diversity, colonial Jewish history and the history of Touro Synagogue, held its annual meeting on Aug. 17, just prior to the annual reading of the George Washington letter.

At the meeting, the foundation voted to elect Diane Hurley, chair; David Brodsky, first vice chair; Bernard Gewirz, vice chair; M. Bernard Aidinoff, vice chair; Rita Slom, secretary; and Michael Pimental, treasurer. Outgoing Chair Andrew M. Teitz stepped down after several years of service.

Mitzi BerkelhammerMitzi BerkelhammerAnyone who knows Mitzi Berkelhammer knows she is a loving wife and proud mother of three, an adoring grandmother of two and a true gem of a lady, sincere and committed to the Jewish community with her whole heart. She now adds her latest role as the 2015 Annual Campaign Chair for the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island to her impressive resume.

A native Rhode Islander, Mitzi is proud of her local roots and continuously gives back to the community. “Bob and I do give to other charities but our main philanthropic priority is the Jewish Alliance. For us, it’s the right thing to do,” she says of herself and her husband, also active and generous within the community.

Mitzi brings with her many years of philanthropic and lay leadership experience. She also brings a love of service and dedication to the position. “Our ongoing efforts and involvement in the Jewish Alliance enables us to give back, to help those in need, and to build a strong foundation for our support to continue to sustain the Jewish community in the years to come.”