Double Chai Society co-chairs Steve and Emily Shalansky.Double Chai Society co-chairs Steve and Emily Shalansky.On June 22, 25 young community members from all over Rhode Island gathered at the home of Double Chai Society co-chairs Steve and Emily Shalansky for a Double Chai Society cocktail reception.


Camp JORI Board President Deb Salinger announced the start of a search for a new director. The camp will be working with the Foundation for Jewish Camping and the American Camping Association to identify potential candidates. A search committee composed of current and past JORI board members will review applications, conduct interviews and seek board approval for the hiring of the final candidate.


/Chloe Newman in the Negev /PHOTO | CHLOE NEWMAN/Chloe Newman in the Negev /PHOTO | CHLOE NEWMANReturning to the States after a year abroad in Israel, family and friends have all greeted me with smiles, hugs and the same innocent question: “Well ... how was it?”

The question comes automatically, as much as a standard “hi” is followed by “how are you?” None of the varying answers I’ve given of “amazing” and “unique” can represent my time in Israel, much in the same way that “I’m fine, thank you” cannot truly describe a person’s life. It strikes me as funny to ask for the sum of my transient yet life-altering experience.

Celebrating Nancy’s birthday with the Rhode Island women. /photos | Irina MissiuroCelebrating Nancy’s birthday with the Rhode Island women. /photos | Irina MissiuroWhen I first heard about the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project’s (JWRP) Momentum trip to Israel, I was underwhelmed. A distant relative gushed to my mother about the wonderful time she had on the trip last year, causing her to nag me to sign up as well. And we all know what happens when your mother starts trying to make you do something – it’s the last thing you want to do.


AM DAVID /AM DAVIDAM DAVID /AM DAVIDIt’s a time of struggle for many area congregations and Am David, in Warwick, is no exception.

The Am David temple, on Gardiner Street, has been up for sale since January. Several months ago, Am David and its longtime rabbi, Richard Perlman, parted ways. Perlman has started a new congregation, the West Bay Community Jewish Center.