Every year families all over the world unite to enjoy the Seder. While calling all members of the family together may feel like the gathering of the exiles, it is the laughter and discussion held around the table that all will remember for years to come. Many households are made up of a range of personalities reminiscent of the four sons we discuss during the Seder. Placating them may, at times, feel like a balancing act. This Passover, the Golan Heights Winery presents fun recommendations for wines to fit each type, so that the differing personalities do not create a havoc worse than the 10 plagues.


Regina BrettRegina BrettThat first Passover was a tough one. I had been dating a Jewish man for the first time in my life, and he invited me to celebrate Passover with a few dozen friends.

He didn’t warn me about the four cups of wine. (I don’t drink.)

He didn’t tell me about the meat. (I’m a vegetarian.)

He didn’t give me any clues about what to wear. (I’m fashion impaired.)

So I showed up wearing a sporty red, white and blue dress that was probably a few inches too short and a few shades too red. What was I thinking? That it was the 4th of July?

I would have stood out anyway. The name Regina is like a brand that you’re Catholic. I was clueless about Jewish traditions and had never heard of Jewish geography since it doesn’t extend too deeply into counties Clare and Mayo where my dad’s parents came from in Ireland.

JTA – Swarthmore College’s former Hillel voted to rename itself the Swarthmore Kehilah.

The name change announced March 22 follows the decision by the campus Jewish organization to drop its affiliation with Hillel International over restrictions on Israel issues.

The decision was made through an open submission process for new names and two rounds of voting in less than a week. The initial ballots resulted in a tie between Kehilah, which means community, and Ruach, or spirit, the former name of the campus Jewish community organization before it affiliated with Hillel. A tie-breaking vote was held.

Rabbi Jim Rosenberg speaks to the group.Rabbi Jim Rosenberg speaks to the group.Faith leaders should be a critical source for end-of-life information. That was the message to the 67 leaders who attended an interfaith advanced care training program March 24. The program was put together by the interfaith community in conjunction with C-TAC, the Coalition to Transform Advanced Care. The purpose was to teach the proper methods to help those who face end-of-life situations.


If you were asked to make word associations regarding preparations for Passover, your first thoughts would probably be cleaning and cooking. Passover ads in newspapers most often reflect these associations. But this historic 1924 American Express advertisement, originally appearing in a Yiddish newspaper and reprinted in the article “Unusual Passover Non Food Advertisements” in American Jewish Legacy Quarterly (Spring 2008), reveals yet another important pre-Passover task for America’s recently arrived Jewish immigrant families.