From farm to home: How leading dairy producers prepare for Passover PDF Print E-mail
By Daniela Berkowitz   
Thursday, 10 April 2014 13:52

/TNUVA.COM/TNUVA.COMSome have preparing for Passover down to a science as a means to stay organized despite all the stress amid locating and buying food that is kosher for Passover, cleaning the home, preparing for Seders and keeping the celebrations up for eight days. It’s no easy feat.

For food manufacturers, the science of Passover preparation means tremendous logistical work. At Tnuva, the world’s largest kosher food manufacturer, the ancient and complex laws of kashrut meet the most modernized food production techniques unlike at any other place. The company delivers top-notch dairy products that meet a high standard of quality and freshness in Israel and North America.

My most memorable Passover celebration PDF Print E-mail
By Irina Missiuro   
Thursday, 10 April 2014 13:48

The Goman cousins: from left to right, Tanya, Irina (Missiuro), Irina, Elina and Natasha /Irina MissiuroThe Goman cousins: from left to right, Tanya, Irina (Missiuro), Irina, Elina and Natasha /Irina MissiuroThe story starts in 1990, when my little cousin Rita and her mother Anna were shopping in Douglas Drug. There, they encountered Mrs. Rosen, Rita’s teacher, who invited them to her house for Passover. Since my relatives had just arrived in the United States from the former Soviet Union (FSU) and were “strangers” not only to the Rosen family, but also to the new country, that Seder was a difficult one. Everything, including the food and the culture, was unfamiliar. During the celebration, the Rosens learned that my uncle’s parents and brother (my father) had also immigrated to Rhode Island from FSU, and extended the invitation for the next year’s Seder to us as well.

However, the Seder that stands out in my memory occurred not in 1991, but a year later. For the second time, we sat around the two long tables at the hospitable home of Dr. and Mrs. (Rick and Jani) Rosen. This year, though, the Seder included the last branch of our extended family – my uncle, his wife and two daughters. The last group of relatives to immigrate, they had just arrived from Belarus to join us (my grandparents and their two sons, along with their wives and four daughters), and their presence caused the holiday to take on a more significant meaning.

Rabbis’ mass head-shaving inspired by ‘Superman Sam’ raises nearly $600K PDF Print E-mail
By Julie Wiener   
Thursday, 10 April 2014 13:47

/Julie Pelc Adler/Julie Pelc AdlerJTA –  Seventy-three North American rabbis will be missing something when they go to Shabbat services: their hair.

As part of a campaign that raised more than $570,000 for pediatric cancer research, approximately 60 male and female rabbis voluntarily shaved their heads at the the Reform movement’s Central Conference of American Rabbis convention in Chicago.

Many of the shaved were inspired by the death last December of Samuel Sommers, the 8-year-old son of Rabbis Phyllis and Michael Sommers, from refractory acute myeloid leukemia. Phyllis Sommers, an associate rabbi at Am Shalom in suburban Chicago who had documented her son’s struggle on a blog called “Superman Sam,” came up with the idea for the shaving campaign along with a fellow rabbi shortly before Samuel’s death.
While Samuel inspired the shaving campaign -- done in partnership with St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a group that funds pediatric cancer research – it inspired a new Jewish ceremony.

Next year in the White House: A Seder tradition PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 10 April 2014 13:46

President Obama hosts a traditional Passover Seder dinner in April 2009. Some friends and White House employees and their families joined the Obama family.  /Pete Souza | White HousePresident Obama hosts a traditional Passover Seder dinner in April 2009. Some friends and White House employees and their families joined the Obama family. /Pete Souza | White HouseThe staff of the Office of the President of the United States have held Seders since at least the late 1990s, during the administration of President Bill Clinton. In April 2009, President Barack Obama included a second-night Seder in his official schedule.

This was the first time that a sitting President is known to have hosted and observed a Seder at the White House. President Obama participated in his first Seder while on the presidential campaign trail in 2008 and has hosted one each year since moving into the White House.

U.S. soldiers getting first new siddur since World War II PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 10 April 2014 13:44

Google.comGoogle.comJTA – A prayer book developed for use by Jews in the U.S. military was released in March.

Reform, Orthodox and Conservative rabbis cooperated in creating the prayer book, which was commissioned by the JWB Jewish Chaplains Council. The prayer book is the first of its type published since World War II.

The chaplains council, a program of the Jewish Community Centers Association of North America, which is holding its conference this week, received permission to reprint Hebrew and English texts from other prayer books in the new siddur.

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