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Friday, 13 May 2011 00:00
PPAC show combines music, dance, theater and humor
PPAC show combines music, dance, theater and humor


Performers in The Aluminum Show  /Source: Kfir Bolotin Performers in The Aluminum Show /Source: Kfir Bolotin PROVIDENCE – Audiences at The Aluminum Show at PPAC – called “a stimulating tour-de-force” that combines movement, dance, visual theater and plenty of humor – might be grateful that its creator, Ilan Azriel, has a thick skin. A sabra from Dimona, Israel Azriel emailed from Israel (with his wife, Ella Munk Azriel translating his comments into English), “I started to dance when I was a kid in Dimona; it wasn’t easy because I was the only boy in a group of girls. All the other boys were laughing at me, but I didn’t give up.”

Now 43, after dancing in the Inbal Dance Theater in Tel Aviv and the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, Azriel established a group to combine dance, unique choreography and puppetry. His works have been performed in Berlin, Moscow and Las Vegas.

And it’s Las Vegas that has influenced a good deal of Azriel’s work. When he was invited to Las Vegas about 10 years, he “went to see some of the big shows ... [they] definitely had an influence on me. I try to create a show that will give people the opportunity to leave their day-to-day life behind them and sail, for an hour and half, to a different world, a world that is all imagination, fun and ecstasy.”

The show’s message, said a PPAC representative, incorporates the importance of recycling and reusing our precious resources. The Aluminum Show uses recycled industrial materials to build their set, clothe their performers, and interact with the audience. And the show itself is about a young machine that is separated from its parents and is trying to reunite with them. The young machine becomes friends with a human and they work together to get back home.

Just as making do with the resources at hand is important, Azriel also taps into the creativity and energy of those around him. He explains: “Once I have a new idea for a scene, I turn to other creators. For example, when it’s something visual that has to do with the material, set or effects – I turn to creators in these fields, tell them about the idea and ask them to make it happen.

“If the idea has to do with movement or dance, I first turn to the company manager for advice, then to the dancers themselves. We try to implement the idea in the studio together with the dancers; they all contribute.”

The show is so unexpected, wrote Azriel, that people find it amazing.  Asked what the biggest challenge in creating this show, Azriel wrote, “[It] was to create a show for all languages, all cultures and all languages.”

Although he’s not danced since The Aluminum Show debuted in Jerusalem in 2003, Azriel is relaxed about what will come next.  In the meantime, he continues to enjoy the enthusiastic responses they receive from audiences around the world to the ever-evolving show.

The show, one for the entire family, will be at the Providence Performing Arts Center (PPAC) on Friday, May 20 at 8 p.m.; Saturday, May 21 at 2 and 8 p.m.; and Sunday, May 22. The ticket prices range from $63 - $36, with a $3 per ticket restoration charge. Purchase tickets at the PPAC Box Office, online at or 421-2787.


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