Maor helps J-Campers braid challah. /Fran OstendorfJ-Campers and the greater Rhode Island community said le’hitraot to Maor Mintz this week as he finished his summer as camp shaliach. Whether he was leading songs at camp for morning circle, helping the campers make challahs on Friday or speaking to the community about Operation Protective Edge and the situation in Israel, he really did make a difference in the community. And that was one of his goals, he said, at the beginning of the summer.

And the community helped Maor feel comfortable a long way from his home near the Gaza border. When his reserve unit was called for active duty in July, he new they needed backpacks. Members of the entire community, Christians and Jews alike, helped raise funds for the packs. “Thanks to the enormous help of the Jewish Alliance and people like Nitza Attali,” Maor told The Voice, Company B, Battalion 8116, could carry their personal belongings with them. The company finished its active duty at the end of July and returned to their homes.

Maor plans to travel to the West Coast before returning to Israel.